Sunday, August 12, 2012

Supported Spindles and Hot Weather

It's finally summer here in San Diego with the temperature in the upper 80s every day.  Great for growing cotton but not so great for weaving rebozos and spinning at the wheel.  I have one large cotton boll and a smaller one coming up, plus some flowers and buds on the plants.  The boll is the large green object in the middle of the photo.

I tried to spin some of the pulled batts that I prepared a couple of months ago, but it's just too hot to handle that much wool at the wheel. This fiber was prepared as dyed locks, which I then drum carded and pulled into roving.  It's still kind of slubby but I think it will be fine when plied.

If it's too hot at the wheel, what do we do?  I have been using handspindles quite a bit and am particularly enjoying supported spindles which can be used while lounging around in the shade.  This Russian style spindle has some Romney on it. I am temporarily storing the spun yarn near the top but will move it to the lower part of the spindle as I go.

A couple of weeks ago, we went to Convergence in Long Beach, just for the day.  It was fabulous but you knew that.  I got a chance to ask the people at Ashford some questions about turbocharging my Elizabeth II.  I purchased some dyed linen sliver (from Italy!) that I can't wait to spin.  I also bought a couple of supported spindles, including this one, below.  I am using it in the spinning bowl that Jack Cheever made for me.  Again, I am spinning Romney, from Homestead Wool and Gift Farm.  This Romney preparation is very easy to spin with a long draw on the supported spindles.  

I am also spinning some white BFL roving from Tumble Creek Farm on a top whorl spindle.  I plan to dye the yarn later; it's just too hot to do any more dyeing.  Sally agrees.

It's noon here and the monsoonal rain clouds are moving in from the east.  We were in the Cuyamaca Mountains yesterday and experienced a thunderstorm; the rain felt great.  Rain here in town would be nice but I think we'll just have the humidity.  Next weekend is Twainfest in Old Town San Diego State Historic Park and we need to make some more twisty sticks.  Onward and upward!