Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tahkli Spindle Cup

My friend's father, Jack, made me a beautiful cup to use when I spin on the tahkli.

It's made out of olive wood.  Clever how he made it tall and narrow so that the spindle would be better supported.  I asked him to leave the bottom a little rough so the tip of the spindle could grab it.  He made the smaller bowl holding the cotton sliver, also.  Thanks, Jack!

I finished spinning singles from the gory looking red fiber I dyed a couple of weeks ago (see previous blog below).  This was spun on a Kromski Mazurka while in Old Town.  I will ply it over Christmas.

I am making some mittens for my husband out of Targhee top from Mountain Colors.  This is yarn I made a while ago.  It has been waiting for the perfect project.

I've got the thumb in now, and am finishing up the top.  I decided to add the thumb and then have him try them on for the length.  I might be able to finish one tonight and get the second cast on.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Old Town San Diego Holiday Event

This weekend Old Town San Diego is hosting a holiday event that included the Fiber Arts Guild.  Our group participated by spinning, weaving, and knitting in the plaza.  The weather was warmer than expected, with only light wind.  Perfect for the Old Town Santa Pub Crawl.

There might not have been 100 participants, but it was close.  There were Santas, Mrs. Santas, elves, and reindeer.  By the time Santa's Little Helpers reached the Fiber Arts Guild activity area, they were in a holiday mood.

You can see in the picture that members of the Guild were happy to add some Old Town flavor to the holiday event.  I have been busy knitting like crazy, trying to get some holiday projects done.  And then the new Sock Club project arrived in the mail yesterday.  I am completely derailed now.  The yarn is so charming and the projects are perfect.  I know, I'll just wind the skein into a ball.  I won't cast on......I won't........