Monday, August 12, 2013

Milkweed, Cotton, and other Projects

The last month has found me very busy.  In addition to an increased schedule of participation in the Fiber Arts Guild in Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, I have been catching up with my own projects.

First project: Milkweed Spinning.  We gathered dried milkweed this winter and it has been curing in the garage.  I got some of the stalks out and processed the fibers, practicing the local Native American method of spinning and plying at the same time.  This is done on the thigh and produces a thicker to a very thin thread.

The fiber is on the left, the spun thread on the right.  As with flax, it spins happier when it has been soaked a bit.

Second project: Dyeing cotton.  Using the guidance provided on Joan Ruane's website, I purchased some Cushing direct dye in the primary colors and dyed close to a pound of ginned Pima cotton from Cotton Clouds.  Oh, the colors.

So, what could be more fun than carding the various colors into punis?

Third project: Multnomah Shawl.  I spun about 10 ounces of the dark gray Romney I purchased from Thompson Romneys at the Black Sheep Gathering.  It knitted into the shawl I wanted.  See below, it is blocked and drying on a warm August day.  I can wear this anywhere, Old Town or just in the evening.  I knitted the pattern so that the garter stitch section would cover my back and shoulders, which are always chilly.  The border uses the traditional and superfun Feather and Fan pattern.

I forgot, there is one more project; I made the pelerine for my day dress.  It is indigo linen with white braid.  I will have to save that for the next post.