Monday, December 24, 2012

End of 2012, hooray

The year 2012 was a tough one for many friends, and ended up being challenging for me as well. I have not done much spinning, etc. for the past couple of months as I have had to take care of other matters.  So, now on Christmas Eve, it's time to post again to the blog.

Before everything hit the fan, I purchased a Russian spindle from Lisa at GrippingYarn.  I am using it with Rachel's handmade bowl which works great.  Thank you!  The spindle is a lot of fun to use and is great for the BFL roving I am using.  The plan was for me to spin in my lap while on a road trip, but the vacation was canceled.  Next time.

The Pima and brown cotton I planted last spring produced several nice bolls.  The white is particularly nice to spin.  I have a couple more bolls that are not quite ripe, and I hope they are able to mature with the damp, cool weather we are having.  Wait and see, I guess.

The cotton is so clean when it's hand picked and carded.

I did not have as much of a yield with the brown cotton.  It was in a shadier spot and took longer to flower.  Lessons learned for next time.  It's been great showing people what the cotton looks like before and after spinning.

Have a peaceful and joyful holiday and new year.  I am looking forward to the end of 2012.